Former Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs has revealed Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Scholes as the greatest players he has ever played with. The legendary midfielder had shared the pitch with both Ronaldo and Scholes during his Manchester United days.

Cristiano Ronaldo had spent six years at Old Trafford before leaving for Real Madrid in 2009. Although the Portuguese won everything there was to win at Manchester United, he arguably hit his peak at the Spanish club, where he aided them to four Champions League glories among many other laurels.

"The best player I played with is Cristiano Ronaldo. Obviously he was only there for a short space of time and he was brilliant for United and then went on to do even better elsewhere," the legendary Giggs said while speaking with MUTV Group Chat [via Daily Mail].

Giggs went on to choose Paul Scholes as the best he has ever played with at Manchester United. Scholes, who has only played for Red Devils his illustrious, trophy-laden career, is widely considered to be one of the greatest midfielders of his generation. "Scholesy is the best player I've played with at United. You've all seen it in training - you couldn't get near him," said Giggs.

He concluded, "His brain was just quicker than everyone else, his range of passing, nasty.'You think you've got him and he'll just pop it off and give it the little faint. He was just brilliant in training,"

Scholes and Cristiano are arguably of the two best players to have ever shared a pitch with Giggs. While Scholes spent his entire career at the Old Trafford-based outfit, Cristiano Ronaldo has already established his name as a United and Real Madrid legend, and continues to be on top of his game, now for Juventus and the Portuguese national team.