Premier League CEO Richard Masters says the organisation is 'as confident as we can be' about Project Restart, but admits the possibility of curtailing the season remains on the table.

Players resumed training on Tuesday, the day it was announced there had been six positive tests for coronavirus across three clubs. The Premier League, suspended on 13 March, had previously identified 12 June as a possible restart date.

While Masters said while it was a great sign to see players back together, it was vital to be 'flexible' in their plans to get the action up and running again. 

"There is some momentum. We've taken the first step," Masters told BBC Sport. "It's great for everybody, including the fans, to see our players back on the training ground."

He added, "We're as confident as we can be. There's been a huge amount of work and consultation and discussion with clubs and players and stakeholders to get us to the point where we can get back to training this week."

He also reckoned, "We had a staging post of mid-June but we have to be flexible, were able to discuss next week the possibility of going to contact training. Then after that its about how much contact training is required and that really gives you a start date."

Masters went on to admit there was a need for "contigency plans" and said "curtailment is still a possibility". He also admitted the idea of scrapping relegation "would come up for discussion" and was "a significant topic."

"I can't speak for the FA but obviously they have their own views on it and until we've discussed it as clubs and as a collective we can't really talk further about it," Masters concluded.