Manchester City superstar Bernardo Silva has admitted that no one could take Cristiano Ronaldo's place or have the kind of impact that he has had in the Portugal national team. He has insisted that no one would even intend to try to emulate Ronaldo after he retires.

Five-time Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo is the main man for his country at present, having scored 99 goals in 164 appearances for Portugal.

Ronaldo helped Portugal to win the Euro in 2016 and led them to the inaugural UEFA Nations League glory, which has secured his place as an international football legend.

With age not on his side, Ronaldo will, indeed, retire one day and Bernardo Silva was asked if he would be the man to take up the mantle after the Juventus' man's retirement, but Silva believes there won't be another like him.

Silva told AS: “Taking Cristiano’s place is impossible. Nobody is going to do that."

He concluded, "I’m going to try and always keep improving so I can do the best I can for Portugal and my club – helping my country and team to win everything possible.”