​​Liverpool star Sadio Mane has been urged to leave the club and join ​Real Madrid because the Reds don't play to the Senagalese's strengths, according to his compatriot and former footballer Diomansy Kamara.

Kamara also suggested if Mane wants to win the much-coveted individual award, the Ballon d'Or, he may have to leave Liverpool, his current employer. 

"If Mane, one day wants to win the Ballon d'Or, he may have to leave Liverpool as the club are maybe not the best advocates for him, despite their outstanding performances. He needs to continue on the road he's going down, as he wasn't too far from finishing on the podium, and even for me he maybe deserved to win it this year," said Kamara of Mane, who finished fourth in the race to win the recent Ballon d'Or.

"Now he needs to continue to work, and maybe even change clubs, because we've seen that Liverpool don't really play to Mane's strengths and [people] gave their votes to Virgil van Dijk even though Mane and to a lesser extend Mohamed Salah were equally in the running," the former player told ESPN [via ​Daily Star], explaining why Mane may need to switch clubs.

Kamara also tipped Real Madrid as a potential suitor for Mane should he leave the Anfield outfit. "Considering his value in the market, considering the quality of the side he's playing in, there aren't many other clubs he could go to today to make a major leap."

"So we have to talk about Real Madrid. His style of play is a bit closer to the criteria they're looking for over there, and if I was his agent, I'd take him to Spain. We all dream of seeing Mane in the colours of Real Madrid, and we know that Zinedine Zidane appreciates him, but will it become a reality? We'll have to see," Kamara concluded.

Mane has been a crucial player for Jurgen Klopp's side and is arguably their best player this season. However, Liverpool don't expect to one of significant pieces in their jigsaw. Even if the Premier League leaders are to sell Mane, the Madrid outfit will have to break the bank to sign one of the most-valued players in the world of football.