Top Footballers Who Are Fans of 'La Casa de Papel' or 'Money Heist'

The hit Netflix series, 'La Casa de Papel' or 'Money Heist' returns back to our screens on April 3 and there will be no doubt many of us who will dedicate a large part of our time following the progress of the Bella Ciao robbers. Many footballers will too. 

Here, we give you some top footballers who are followers of the show.

1. Neymar

Paris Saint-Germain superstar, Neymar is not only a follower of the show, but he also appeared in the series in the third season, playing the role of a monk. At first, Netflix censored his appearance for being accused of rape, however once it emerged that he was innocent, the 

producer then incorporated his appearance.

2. Marc Batra

Marc Bartra has been a fan of the famous series since its premiere and he has showed it time and again on social media. The Real Betis center-back quoted a tweet in which A3 Media announced awards for the series and said it was one of the best series he had ever seen. 

3. Samuel Umtiti

Samuel Umtiti also declared himself a follower of the production through his Twitter account. The French defender celebrated the premiere of the third season on Netflix with the icon of flames. This year, though wrapped up in problems with the Barcelona board, he has not had time to celebrate. 

4. Dani Alves

Dani Alves is another of the footballers who has shared an image from the series on his social networking pages. On his 35th birthday, the footballer dressed up as a sumo wrestler ... but his friends did it with the red jumpsuit and Dalí's mask. 

5. Thiago Alcántara, Sergio Busquets, Gayá and Azpilicueta

We put these four players together because they showed their passion for the series together. The four of them went to make an escape room based on show. The likes Thiago Alcántara, Sergio Busquets, Gayá and Azpilicueta are known to be big fans of the show and have even been pictured donning the costumes of the characters in the past.