Zinedine Zidane is a name that is synonymous to ​Real Madrid and yet, at one stage in his life, he actually preferred ​Barcelona over the Galacticos. In an interview uncovered by Marca, Zidane expressed his desire to play for the Catalans.

At the time, he was still playing for ​Juventus and was asked about the teams he would like to play for in the future. While he did mention the Galacticos, his real preference was Barcelona as he supported them and Juventus as a child.

"In Spain, there are two teams in which every footballer would like to play: Barcelona and Real Madrid. Between the two of them, I prefer Barcelona. At my wife's house, there has always been a lot of talk about Barça and, when I was little, I liked them a lot two teams: Juventus and Barcelona. Now I play at Juventus, maybe in the future, I can do it at Camp Nou,” he said.

That’s not the only plot twist that Marca revealed as they also unearthed an interview of Diego Simeone from 1997 where the Argentine claimed that he would only leave Sevilla for a move to Real Madrid.

"I would only leave Sevilla to go to Madrid. To say otherwise would be a lie, and as a professional, it is normal for me to aspire to be in one of the great teams," he told Marca at the time.

Perhaps in another dimension, these are things that might have ended up happening.