​Aston Villa star, Jack Grealish recently courted controversy when it emerged that he flouted Government “stay at home" rules to party with his friends before he crashed his car in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The Villa captain released a video on Monday night admitting that he had “stupidly” gone to a friend’s house during the lockdown and now the ​Mirror claims that Grealish was not the only Premier League footballer to have broken the rules and attended the party.

One of the two players in question is also understood to be a current England international. It is alleged that the group made a “racket” while playing video games and drinking, and that the group gathered in a luxury apartment owned by ex-Villa forward Ross McCormack.

The players are looking to lie low and hope it will blow over amid all the media attention, with the report stating, "There are a few players who are dreading their names coming out and their clubs finding out. It’s not a good look to be out partying, when the advice is to stay indoors. They are lying low and hope it will all blow over. They will face big fines if their managers find out.”

While Grealish did apologise for his actions, it is being rumoured that a potential £50million move to ​Manchester United in the summer might now be in doubt.