3 Times Cristiano Ronaldo Became Superman and Flew During a Football Match

Cristiano Ronaldo is barely human. Of course, he is made of flesh and bones and has to eat to sustain his body but sometimes, he does things that make us wonder as to whether a mere mortal of capable of such feats.

And with that in mind, let us take a look at the times Cristiano Ronaldo became Superman and flew during a football match.

3. Bullet header against Roma

For Gary Neville, this is the best goal he has ever seen – and just one look at it will tell you why. For first-time watchers, this goal is sure to drop the jaws on the floor. In the 2007-08 season, Manchester United took on Roma in the quarter-final of the Champions League

The first leg was in Rome and Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring with an almost impossible headed goal. As Paul Scholes floated in a cross from the right side of Roma’s box, Ronaldo wasn’t even inside the penalty area.

And yet somehow, he ran in from outside the box, leaped up the moment he entered the box and scored a bullet header to give his side the lead. 

2. Copa del Rey winner

Real Madrid hadn’t won a trophy in what seemed like forever. Barcelona, meanwhile, were dominating not only in Spain but also in Europe. At such a time, Jose Mourinho was brought to the club as a means to end the Catalans’ dominance. 

And he got a chance to do it in the final of the Copa del Rey in 2011. Throughout the match, Madrid frustrated Barca as they absorbed the pressure that the Blaugranas put on them with a superb defensive display. 

After 103 minutes of football, Angel Di Maria drifted in a wonderful cross from the left and Ronaldo, out of the blue, jumped and seemingly kept floating in the air until his head met the ball and put it past Pinto to give his side the lead and, eventually, the Cup. 

1. 2.56 metre header against Sampdoria

The fact that Ronaldo made headlines at the age of almost-35 due to a headed goal just goes to show what an incredible athlete this man is. As Juventus were finding it difficult to break down a stubborn Sampdoria, Alex Sandro crossed the ball towards the far post.  

Normally, the ball would have gone out of play since it was slightly over-hit but Ronaldo showed that he has the ability to turn an over-hit punt into a magnificent assist. 

The Portuguese flew towards the ball, jumping 2.56 metres in the process, and headed it straight towards the net to give his side the winner. The average jump height – distance between the turf and the lowest part of an athlete’s body – of an NBA player is between 60 and 70 centimetres while Ronaldo that day achieved a vertical height of 71 centimetres.