​The debate between who is greater between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is one that has been at the forefront ever since both the footballers came into the spotlight, with each player having their own set of fans and admirers.

The duo not only have their admirers in football, but in people who play other sports and one such fan is Indian cricketer, Shreyas Iyer who took to social networking site, Twitter to give his pick when asked by a fan.

Iyer was asked ‘Ronaldo or Messi’ by one of his followers using the hashtag Ask Shreyas, and the Delhi Capitals skipper proved that he is fan of the Portugal and ​Juventus ace by picking Cristiano Ronaldo.

The debate also sprang up recently when footballing icon and Brazil legend, Pele opened up on who he thought was better with the three-time World Cup winner too picking Ronaldo, though he went on to also claim that he himself is the best in the history of the sport.

The debate aside, there is no doubt that both Messi and Ronaldo will go down in footballing folklore as arguably the two greatest to ever play the sport with the pair winning a combined 11 Ballon d'Or awards between them.