FIFA president ​Gianni Infantino has stated that there could be major changes to the football calendar in order to protect players and make football more competitive.

Amid the total stoppage of football across Europe and with the ​Euro 2020 moved to next summer, the leagues have all the time to finish but it could have a knock on effect to next season and FIFA's extended Club World Cup in 2021 as well as ​the FIFA World Cup 2022 will have to be changed.

Now Infantino has revealed that going forward some competitions may have to be got rid of. "An assessment of the global economic impact is needed. It's difficult right now, we don't know when it will return to normal," he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

Infantino continued, "But we look at the opportunities. We can perhaps reform world football by taking a step back. With different formats. Less tournaments, but more interesting. Maybe fewer teams, but more balanced. Less games, to protect the health of the players, but more competitive."

The 50-year-old called for everyone's health to be top of the priority for football, "Health comes first, then everything else. For the managers, the rest means hoping for the best but also preparing for the worst. Without panicking, let's say it clearly: we will play again when we can do it without putting anyone's health at risk."