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3 Reasons Why Liverpool Should Not Be Awarded the Premier League Title if Competition Ends as is

Liverpool were on the verge of winning their first league title in over three decades and had to win only two more games to make it official. However, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has forced the people in power to suspend the competition indefinitely. 

With cases rising with each passing day, it seems as though football won’t be resuming any time soon. There is a chance that the league might be cancelled altogether and if that happens, Liverpool shouldn’t be given the title even though they are 25 points ahead in the race – and here are three reasons why…

Note: The best scenario would be to play out the league somehow. And if that is not possible, then a play-off of some sort between the top six and the bottom six, respectively, should be played to decide the final outcome of the season. This list is only - and only - a hypothesis of why Liverpool shouldn't be given the title if no more matches take place for this season. 

3. Illogical

The league is decided after 20 teams play each other twice over the course of the season, which means that each side gets to play a total of 38 games before the curtains are drawn.


The team that leads the table after 38 match-days is the winner of the competition but Liverpool have played 29 matches only. So, it wouldn’t be logical to hand them the title because they haven’t completed the league – they haven’t crossed the finish line. 

2. Unfair to Manchester City

This point might seem ridiculous due to the fact that Manchester City are 25 points behind the Reds with a game in hand but the truth is, there is still a chance for the Cityzens to win the league. 

It doesn’t matter if it is as little as 0.1% - as long as there is still a chance. Strange things have happened in football and Liverpool not being able to secure six points from nine matches, as impossible as it sounds, could fall in that category. 

And in this regard, it would be unfair to them.

1. The complications that arise

If the season is null and void, no other explanation will have to be given to the other clubs because it applies equally for all. Even though it would mean that a year has been wasted, things wouldn’t be as complicated since clubs will have to start again. 

However, if Liverpool are handed the title, the next question will be: how does the Premier League decide the top four and the bottom three? 

More questions will follow: which Championship clubs should be promoted and relegated? The domino effect from handing the Reds the title will complicate things way too much, which is why if – and it is a big if – the season has to be cancelled right the way it is now, Liverpool shouldn’t be given the title and normal service should be resumed with the 2020-21 season.