3 Reasons Why Luka Jovic Should Start for Real Madrid Against Manchester City

Luka Jovic was signed from Frankfurt last summer by Real Madrid for a deal worth €60million. The Serbian has since been underwhelming and hasn’t been able to live up to the potential that he showed in Germany. 

However, despite all that, he should start against Manchester City tonight in the Champions League and here are three reasons why.

3. Karim Benzema is off form

Karim Benzema has been in indifferent form ever since the turn of the year. He has scored only two goals in the 9 matches that he has played in 2020 and looks far too withdrawn to be considered a goal threat. 

Against Manchester City, he might get a lot of space given how high Pep Guardiola likes his line but the Frenchman often drops deep, which means that there might not be anyone making the runs behind.

2. City’s high line


As mentioned earlier, the Citizens are going to play with a high backline, leaving a lot of space for the Madrid attackers behind their defence. They will also have most of the possession, which means that Madrid will have to break forward quickly whenever they have the chance. 

In this regard, Jovic is the best possible striker to have as he likes breathing on the neck of the last line of defenders, which means that there is always a chance for him to run at the ball passed in space, something that Benzema doesn’t do often. 

1. Could be the season changer

The Serbian showed last season that he is capable of scoring a lot of goals and has the ability to turn a half-chance into a goal. In the match against Osasuna, he scored a wonderful goal from a first-time shot, revealing a glimpse of the talent that he has. 

Following that strike, Zidane, inscrutably, opted to not play him for even a minute. It is unlikely that the Frenchman will change his stance in this match but it would be a huge mistake from the former France star to not give the Serb a chance.