Former ​Chelsea goalkeeper Marcin Bulka has revealed that Eden Hazard loves to eat hamburgers and pizza while his compatriot Thibaut Courtois has a “huge ego”.

The former Lille star has been struggling with injuries with the Merengues as he has already missed more games for Real Madrid in his only season at the club than he ever did in his 7-year career at Stamford Bridge.

Meanwhile, his former team-mate in London Marcin Bulka, who was at Chelsea from 2016 to 2019, has lifted the lid on the eating habits of the Belgian as he suggested that Hazard went a little overboard with his weight following his move to ​Madrid.

“He loves hamburgers and pizza, I saw him all the time in pizzerias,” he said, as per Goal.

“He doesn’t care about anything other than football and having a good time. In Chelsea, this was not a problem, but at Real, especially with the recent injury, he probably went a bit overboard with the weight.”

He then spoke about Thibaut Courtois, revealing that the Belgian shotstopper has a massive ego and never really likes to accept his own fault when he makes a blunder.

“He has a big ego. If he makes a blunder, he goes to the coach and says stuff like: ‘This defender wasn’t in the right position, he should have done this and that’.

“He does not want to accept the fact that it was his fault.”