​Mason Greenwood has been a revelation in the ​Premier League this season for ​Manchester United and like almost all footballers, it looks like he likes to enjoy rolling teams over in EA Sports' ​FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT) as well.

Greenwood's FIFA 20 Ultimate Team lineup has surfaced on the FIFA subreddit thanks to a post from Reddit user OBENNYo. Though, unlike some other teams, it didn’t look as if the professional player and the user who posted it played each other in-game. 

Greenwood's Ultimate Team lineup include legends like Ruud Gullit, Patrick Vieira, and Laurent Blanc. He even found a space for United legend Rio Ferdinand.

However, he has his own custom 99-rated card leading line and likely wreaking havoc on most opponents he comes across.

Here's his full team:

  • GK: Ter-Stegen (91)
  • RB: Zambrotta (89)
  • LB: Maldini (88)
  • CB: Ferdinand (85)
  • CB: Blanc (89)
  • CM: Mbappe (98)
  • CAM: Vieira (88)
  • CAM: Gullit (90)
  • LM: Mane (97)
  • RM: Messi (99)
  • ST: Greenwood (99)