Donovan Hunt, also known as Fnatic Tekkz, who is by far, the world's best FIFA player, has said that no one really enjoys playing ​FIFA 20 in his recent brutally honest interview.

Hunt was speaking after qualifying for the Xbox semi-finals at the FGS masters in France and decided to have a go at the creators of the latest edition of the famous game.

In a live interview, he made it a point to criticise the creators of the game stating that the game is "unrewarding" and that "anyone can win".

Check out the below video:

Despite his strong thoughts and open criticism on the game not being up to the standards it was expected to achieve, Tekkz is indeed offering players tips and advice on how to improve their ability with a Gamerzclass course.

Commenting on the course, Tekkz said: "This course will completely change the way you think about FIFA. You'll learn the sickest skill moves, how to set up a crazy structure and most importantly how to score some cheeky goals that'll leave your opponents with their jaws stuck to the floor."

He concluded, "Stomp the competition as I have been doing the past 2 years using all the secrets that I'm going to be handing out in this course. Your FIFA 20 gameplay will drastically improve as I teach you how to be relentless in the attack and build up an unstoppable force."