Paris Saint-Germain superstar Neymar has hit out at the club for not allowing him to play in the matches that took place prior to the game against ​Borussia DortmundThe Brazilian was out injured with a rib problem in the last four matches and only returned to the lineup in the last match against the Germans, much to the chagrin of the player.

The former Santos star revealed that he had a crack in his rib but it wasn’t anything big enough to keep him out of action for four matches. He also added that while he understood the club’s decision to not take a risk with him due to his problems with injuries in the past, their decision backfired because the lack of match practice hurt his intensity against the Germans.

"It was not how I imagined to get here. I didn't play in the last [four] games. It was a PSG decision, by club doctors," Neymar said after the match. "Unfortunately I had to accept that. I did not like what they proposed to me, but the club is in charge, unfortunately. But that ends up being bad for me and my teammates.

"I understand the fear, because I was injured in the last two years, I respect it, but it can't be like that," Neymar added. "It was very difficult for me to play a game like that, intense. I think that if I was in better physical condition, I would certainly have a much better game."