Estudiantes defender, Marcos Rojo, who is on loan from​ Manchester United, has stated that he had a bust-up with Zlatan Ibrahimovic during their time at the Old Trafford.

The Argentine recalled how he had a go at the Swede star after the former LA Galaxy player barked at him for not passing the ball to him during a match. Rojo revealed that Ezequiel Lavezzi had already warned him about the Swede’s character.

“Zlatan has a strong character, Ezequiel Lavezzi had warned me," he said, as per ​Mirror.

"I knew he wanted us to give him all the balls, but during a game phase I saw him ask for it and I didn't give it to him. I passed it to Paul Pogba. Then he started yelling at me, raising his hand, and telling me a lot of things in Spanish and English.”

Rojo then went on to reveal that he asked Ibrahimovic to shut up and then once again confronted him in the dressing room after the match, which required Jose Mourinho to intervene and calm the situation.

"I said to him: 'what's going on with you big nose? Shut up...'

"I knew that if he caught me, he would kill me so the only thing for me to do was face him. When he entered the locker room, I directly told him to close his mouth and stop yelling. We started to insult each other and all our teammates were watching us. And in the middle, José Mourinho was trying to calm us down."