Real Madrid legend, Iker Casillas recently confirmed that he will be standing for the next election for the president’s post of the Spanish Football Federation. There had been rumours of the former Spain captain doing it and he made those stories true with his announcement on Twitter.

He tweeted: "Yes, I will stand for presidency of the Spanish FA when elections are called. Together we will put our federation at the top alongside the best football in the world: Spanish football. #IkerCasillas2020”

The election is set to happen sometime this year. It actually depends on the Solicitor General of Spain and, according to Marca, the election could be held at the end of May.

The report further revealed that Luis Rubiales, the current president and the other candidate, wants the elections to be preponed since he wants the federation to have a president when the Olympics and Euro 2020 take place.

His request, however, has been rejected by Court of Arbitration for Sport. The report also adds that anyone who is of a legal age and has the backing of 21 assembly members can contest for presidency. The election also doesn’t take longer than 80 or 96 days.

The votes come from the 140 assembly members, 19 of whom, according to AS, “are regional federations presidents already voted into office and one of whom is Rubiales himself.” The report further reveals that this year, 5 more members will be added in the form of ​Real Madrid​Barcelona​Atletico Madrid, a coach and a beach football player.

The report then finishes off by claiming that Rubiales has the support of 17 out of the 19 federations with only Madrid and Basque federations not being on his side. Amateur football and referees are also said to be on Rubiales’ side while the votes of the professional football teams could be influenced by ​LaLiga and the players’ union.