Porto forward Moussa Marega has recalled the incident of racism that he faced at the hands of Vitoria SC fans in the last game. The Mali forward was made a subject of racist abuse and the player retaliated by leaving the pitch, subbing him out in the process.

He has now recalled the incident, revealing that he was being abused racially from the warm-up itself. He also added that it began with just a couple of people but then escalated up until most of the stadium subjected him to disgusting racist gestures, which is why he found it difficult to continue playing.

"It all started with the warm-up. Then, it was only two or three people. It happens to everyone, no matter, we can continue playing, I thought, but when it comes to almost the entire stadium, it is not possible to continue playing when we make fun of the color of our skin,” he was quoted by Marca.

He then went on to confirm that he found the gestures really humiliating and that it was only the face of his son that made him smile again after the match.

“It is sad that it happens in 2020 [...] I really felt like shit. [It was a] great humiliation for me. After the game ended, I went home and just made me smile to see my son. That and all the messages of support I received."