​Basketball legend, Kobe Bryant's death in a helicopter crash on Monday came as a shock to many, with a number of celebrities, athletes and figures from the world taking to social media to mourn the death of the star and send messages of condolences.

It was no different in football as the likes of Lionel Messi, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo too shared heartfelt messages and now as per the ​Sun, it has come to light that both Ronaldo and Portugal icon, Luis Figo paid tribute to Bryant - but embarrasingly choose the same statement with the exact words.

While the tribute and message was no doubt heartfelt it raise a few eyebrows among the fans who commented that the message was the same, with only the accompying images being different.

Both tweets read: “So sad to hear the heartbreaking news of the deaths of Kobe and his daughter Gianna. Kobe was a true legend and inspiration to so many. Sending my condolences to his family and friends and the families of all who lost their lives in the crash. RIP Legend.”

Ronaldo, who posted his tribute first, featured an imagine of Bryant with a basketball while Figo’s came with a shot of himself and the American.

This did not go down too well with some Twitter users, with one responding, "A bit unfortunate, but a nice message", while another wrote, "Actually if anyone copied it from somebody it was Ronaldo from Figo lol, but this is obviously a post made by some social media manager for both of them. Everything is about marketing with CR7 lol.”

A third commented, “Man I love Figo but why in the world did he copy / paste Ronaldo’s tweet... could have at least changed the emoji...”

Whether the two stars use the same social media manager is a question for another day, what does matter is that they took their time to pay tribute to one of the greatest basketballers ever.