​Former Watford physio Phil Edwards has been accused by a number of former players associated with the club of sexual abuse.

Edwards, who died last summer, worked for the club in the 90s under the stewardship of Graham Taylor.

​According to a thorough report by the Athletic, 16 formal complaints have been registered with the police about Edwards while a number closer to 50 has been in contact with the club.

One of the complainants spoke to Athletic and detailed the ugly experience Edwards put him through.

“He’s a paedophile who abused people," he said.

 “I was abused. It’s vivid. I was asked to go into a room unaccompanied. I was told to strip off, down to my boxer shorts at first and then I was told to take them off so I was completely naked.

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“Then I was told to perform a series of stretches and actions in front of him. I was put in uncompromising positions with Phil watching on — me jogging on the spot, jumping up and down. It was wrong and I knew it was wrong. I’ve battled with it ever since.”

Another victim mentioned that though he is glad Taylor's misdeeds are out in the open now, he is displeased that justice couldn't be meted out when he was still alive.

​Watford have also addressed the allegations against their former employee by putting out an official statement on their website.

"We understand there will be levels of concern at the accusations of historic abuse during a period in the 1990s and the club is determined to discover the veracity of these allegations and how they may have impacted on those who came in contact with Mr Edwards via Watford FC,” it reads.