Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has stated that goalkeeper Ederson is the best penalty taker that the club, suggesting that the Brazilian could be the nee spot-kick taker.

The Citizens have struggled to convert penalties into goals. Gabriel Jesus failed to score from the spot against ​Sheffield United in the last game, taking his tally to three failures from the last five attempts.

Meanwhile, both Raheem Sterling and Sergio Aguero have also less-than-satisfactory outcomes with penalties.

As a result, Guardiola was asked whether the lack of ruthlessness from the spot is bothering him, to which he responded: "Definitely. I have to reflect on it. I always have the confidence in the players to take it, but I have to reflect on maybe how they take the decision on who will take it.

"Not [just] for Gabriel today, because Sergio missed two and Raheem missed one and a half against ​Wolves [a twice-taken, twice-saved penalty, which was converted by Sterling on the rebound]," he was quoted by Goal.

"We are not safe. In that level it's so important, it makes the difference most of the time.

"I have to take a decision with the guys over who is going to take the penalty."

When asked if he had anyone particular in mind, Guardiola refused to name anyone outright before revealing that Ederson is the best that they have.

"Ederson is the best. Believe me, Eddie is the best taker we have on the penalties. He has no blood in his brains, he's so calm, so he could do it."