​Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has revealed that he watches ​Sheffield United keenly as it helps him improve as a manager. Chris Wilder’s men have been impressive in the ​Premier League ever since they got promoted.

Indeed, his system of overlapping centre-backs has made Wilder the subject of much praise and Guardiola seems to be one of the admirers. The Catalan admitted that he is highly impressed with what he has seen at Sheffield and believes that it is teams like them help him become a better manager as he can study from them.

"I'm incredibly impressed," Guardiola told a pre-match news conference. "When people say you can improve watching other games, other teams, other managers, this is the one. I never saw some movements they are doing. That's the reason why they are in the position they are.

"We saw it here [at the Etihad Stadium], we suffered here a few weeks ago. I'm really impressed. I admire them, honestly. I admire how they play and what they are doing,” he was quoted by AS.

He pointed out Sheffield have almost the same set of players since their journey from League One and reiterated his admiration for them.

“It's the same manager and a high percentage of the same players from League One, the Championship, now the Premier League, being near the top of the league up there. I like it. As a manager, you see some teams so you can improve - this is the one."