​Cristiano Ronaldo accidentally kissed Paulo Dybala on the lips when celebrating his second goal for ​Juventus against Parma last evening. Ronaldo scored both goals for The Old Lady as they defeated Parma 2-1. Ronaldo and Dybala ran to celebrate together and turned to one another and unintentionally locked lips.

The celebration actually looks like quite a tender moment shared between the two players. Put some romantic music over it and it would almost look deliberate. Check it out and decide for yourself.

After a distinctly average start to the season by his astronomical standards, the former ​Real Madrid man has finally found his groove in 2019/20.

The architect of Ronaldo's goal was none other than Dybala - another player who has grown into the season - thanks to a perfectly-timed pass after prancing down the right flank.

Replays of the celebration have revealed an awkward moment between Ronaldo and Dybala. The Juventus forward already had his arm around the Argentine and as they looked to slow down before the fans, he turned towards his teammate as if to say something. 

However, that just happened to be the very moment that Dybala also turned his head and it results in a strange coming together that, for all intents and purposes, looks like an accidental kiss.

This wasn't the first time we've seen two teammate share an intimate moment on the field. Perhaps the most famous example was when ​Manchester United's Gary Neville was so over the moon with Paul Scholes' 2010 Manchester Derby winner that he went in and snogged the legendary midfielder.

Nevertheless, when you consider how well the two Juventus stars are playing at the moment, any celebratory shenanigans pale in comparison to the goals that could harvest a rush of silverware.