Russian model Luisa Kremlava has hit back at reports that claimed that she has been arrested for falsely accusing ​AC Milan left-back ​Theo Hernandez of rape. Kremlava filed a complaint in 2017 accusing Hernandez of sexually assaulting her in a parking lot in Marbella.

She had also claimed that she had been drugged but last year in January, a provincial court rejected her case due to “contradictions in the story” as the video of the parking lot outside the nightclub didn’t show any signs of aggression from the footballer while she also returned to the nightclub normally with Hernandez after the alleged incident.

Medical tests on Kremlava also found no trace of drugs, which further added to the list of contradictions. Meanwhile, there had been reports that she had been arrested over filing false charges over Hernandez.

Kremlava, however, has denied those claims.

“I wasn’t detained [in jail], much less arrested. I have no criminal record,” she wrote on Instagram Story.

Her mother also defended Kremlava stating that she has not been jailed.

"It's a lie, my daughter has not been detained. She went to pick up a notification. We are tired of so many lies… The notification is a private thing. We are going to defend ourselves, it is not what the media say," Mila said, as per RT.

Mila concluded, "He [Hernandez] knows how many bruises my daughter had. I have seen my daughter's injuries. It hurts a lot what they are saying. She was full of bruises and scratches…. Over time he will know the truth."