​Derby County have released a statement confirming they intend to challenge the EFL's claim that the club have breached profitability and sustainability regulations.

The Rams were charged with posting excess losses during the three-year period ending June 2018 - with questions over the correct value of their £80m sale of Pride Park to owner Mel Morris - and they have since been referred to a disciplinary committee to determine whether they are in fact guilty.

Mel Morris

The club took to their ​official website to insist that they are not prepared to simply accept the charges, insisting that the EFL have actually backtracked on themselves after initially confirming that their financial dealings were in order.

"The club will strongly contest the challenge to the valuation of Pride Park stadium, as well as the newly notified charge in respect of intangible fixed asset amortisation," the statement began.

"The Club shall argue that the very bringing of the Charges itself is unlawful. At all times, the Club has acted transparently with the EFL in its submissions for both FFP/P&S and, in respect of the charges above, had received written approval for all of its submissions in respect of this legislation. 

Brian Clough,Peter Taylor

"No allegation has been raised to the contrary by the EFL. Rather, the EFL now claims that it made a 'mistake.'

"The Stadium was valued by professional valuers immediately prior to the transaction. The transaction and valuation were discussed extensively with the EFL Executive, which asked for a relatively modest price adjustment which was accepted.

"The Club discussed the rationale for the stadium sale with the EFL Executive, ahead of the transaction, supplied and discussed the valuation, and bar a small adjustment in respect of its FFP/P&S submissions, the Club was given written approval."

Wayne Rooney

​Derby go on to question how the EFL can try and punish the club, despite openly admitting that they made a mistake when approving the Rams' financial dealing.

"The EFL can choose to correct what they now see as an error in their decisions. However, it cannot punish the Club for its own errors," they added. "The Club shall therefore vigorously contest the charges and the EFL’s legal right to bring them."

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