​Former German national team manager and current Hertha Berlin coach Jurgen Klinsmann may not be allowed in the dugout this weekend to oversee his side's clash against Bayern Munich as he holds an outdated coaching license.

​According to a report by Bild, the 55 year old coach said that he does in fact have a valid license and that it was due to a mix up that it hasn't been presented to the football governing body in Germany.

"When I boarded the plane to Berlin at the end of November, I didn't think I would need my coaching licence and the proof of continuing education, because I didn't know then that I would become the coach of Hertha. 

"At Christmas, I simply forgot the documents. At the moment, there is no one in our house in California, because my wife is at my daughter's place of study. But I'm in the process of obtaining all the necessary documents," he clarified.

Klinsmann only recently took over the reins at Hertha Berlin, replacing Ante Kovic in November of 2019.

The team currently sits 12th in ​Bundesliga, with 19 points in 17 games. After Klinsmann took over, the team has only lost once in the league in a 2-1 defeat to Borussia Dortmund.

(Quotes R/T ​Bulinews)