Pepe Reina

5 Goalkeepers With the Best Clean Sheet Ratio in Premier League History

One of Liverpool's best goalkeepers since the turn of the millenium in Pepe Reina is returning back to England but this time will be seen wearing the colours of Aston Villa. The Spaniard was very successful during his time in Anfield, registering some impressive numbers and here we take a look at five goalkeepers with the best clean sheet ration in the history of the Premier League.

1. Pepe Reina (Liverpool, Aston Villa+) - 47%

Pepe Reina recently came into the news after it was confirmed that would return to the Premier League with the struggling, Aston Villa. The Spaniard is without doubt one of the best goalkeepers in Liverpool's history during his eight-year spell at Anfield, registering an incredible 134 clean sheets at the time.

It will be interesting to see whether his high ratio of 47 percent comes down, considering that his new side are struggling in the league.

PL Stats

Appearances: 285

Clean Sheets: 134

Percentage: 47%

2. Petr Cech (Chelsea, Arsenal) - 46%

The man with the most clean sheets in Premier League history, Petr Cech was the cornerstone of Chelsea's success in the early 2000's, with his performances garnering high praise from many.

Post his Chelsea stint, he moved to Arsenal where he continued to remain an imposing figure in goal. His stats of 202 clean sheets, with a percentage of 46 is mind boggling in the current football climate.

PL Stats

Appearances: 443

Clean Sheets: 202

Percentage: 46%

3. David Seaman (Arsenal, Manchester City) - 41%

An Arsenal and Premier League legend and for a time one of the best in the world, David Seaman was another who a cornerstone of the club's success especially in the first decade under Arsene Wenger.

The former England international remained first choice for both club and country throughout his career, registered some impressive numbers while also winning silverware.

PL Stats

Appearances: 344

Clean Sheets: 140

Percentage: 41%

4. Nigel Martyn (Crystal Palace, Leeds, Everton) - 37%

The first manager to attract a million-pound fee in Premier League history, Nigel Martyn played with distinction for both Crystal Palace and Leeds United, making more than 200 appearances in the league for them, respectively.

The former England international also appeared 23 times for his national team, with his figures extremely impressive, considering that he did not play for what can be considered as a top side.

PL Stats

Appearances: 372

Clean Sheets: 137

Percentage: 37%

5. David James (Liverpool, Villa, City, Portsmouth) - 30%

Known primarily during his time at Liverpool, David James played for a number of clubs during his long career, which encapsulated 572 games, with 169 clean sheets and a percentage of 30.

That James only managed to win one League Cup during his footballing career goes to show the strength of the sides he played in.

PL Stats

Appearances: 572

Clean Sheets: 169

Percentage: 30%