An​ Atletico Madrid fan wrote a letter to his son, who is also a fan of the club, following the club’s defeat at the hands of archrivals ​Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup final.

The Merengues overcame the Rojiblancos 4-1 in the penalty shootout after both sides being unable to find the net for 120 minutes. As a result, the 9-year-old Atletico Madrid fan was disheartened as his father revealed that the youngster was in tears after the Rojiblancos failed to achieve victory.

Subsequently, he wrote a heartwarming letter to encourage his son to chin up after the defeat and shared it on Twitter, which then became viral.

“Gonzalo, son, being from Atleti is hard, you will understand it. The easy thing is to be from Barça or Madrid. You congratulate Adrian or anyone, that one day we will take revenge.

Football is a feeling. It is a pride for me to have Atleti so inside. But the important thing is studying, loving your loved ones, being a good person...

“Do not argue about football, after all, it is a way to have fun, make friends, be a good person, which is what interests me, is to go and congratulate the opponent. If it was not for Courtois, they would have lost, so we are closer than they think. You will suffer a lot with the Atleti, but when we win something, you will enjoy it three times. "