​The Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events, and Creative for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Triple H, has confirmed that VAR will not be making its way to WWE despite fans calling for it during NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool on Sunday.

Ever since it was introduced in the ​​Premier League back in August for the start of the 2019/20 season, VAR has been a topic for debate almost every weekend thanks to some of the refereeing decisions made with the system.

Premier League football fans even drew up a ​petition calling for the removal of VAR. The petition has now reached over 19,000 signatures, and counting. During Sunday's NXT show, the crowd chanted for VAR every time there was a controversial referee decision or if the match official or missed a moment that would have changed the match.

'The Game' Triple H eventually decided to get on the bandwagon and took to Twitter to mock the video technology referencing a spot in the Eddie Dennis vs Trent Seven match where Dennis threw Seven into an exposed turnbuckle.

​He said: "No VAR in in @NXTUK. It’s all legal... if you can get away with it."

​Speaking at a media conference after the show, the 14-time world champion said: "If you can get away with it here, it's legal. I saw some comments from people on Twitter, people from the States being like, 'What the hell is VAR?' It gives the rest of the world some culture, to see that there's actually a world outside of their world."

"You're not going to see any Video Assistant Referees, the only replays we're going to give you are when you see something crazy and need to see it a second time to believe it happened - like Trent Seven getting 'Razors Edged' backwards over the top rope.

"That's when we'll give you a 'Video Assistant Reminder' of what just happened."