​Definitely one of the ​most loved footballers on the planet, ​Chelsea midfielder ​N'Golo Kante's name has often been subject to questions as to how would one pronounce his name properly.

On hearing commentary on television, one might notice how commentators don't have a set pattern to pronounce his name.

BBC Sports' ​Will Perry decided to find out the right pronunciation once and for all, but the French midfielder wasn't that helpful in the end.

"So we are going to the horses mouth, the man himself, tell everyone how to say your name," said Perry, but the former Leicester City man wasn't as helpful as the BBC Sports presenter might have hoped.

Answering the statement Kante said, "In French, it's N'golo Kon-tay, and in Malian it's N'golo Kan-tay," well that's good. In the end the at least he settles on 'Kon-tay.'

Kante's 2019-20 Premier League season was limited due to injuries during the start of the campaign. 

Since coming back, he has featured in nine games in the league and three times in the Champions League, scoring three goals, bringing an obvious difference in Frank Lampard's Chelsea side.

Last month Kante was asked on French tv about him turning down a move to PSG last summer and he explained why, saying, "Sometimes we do not necessarily know where we want to go but we know what we have. I know I was in Chelsea and I was good there. If I did not want to come to PSG it was more a sporting choice. I felt good in London, in the project and I was happy to stay there."