Dutch legend Danny Blind believes that as ​Juventus superstar ​Cristiano Ronaldo is heading towards the end of his incredible footballing career, ​Liverpool hero ​Sadio Mane could take up his mantle in world football.

Blind is certain that Mane has shades of Ronaldo in him, which undoubtedly makes him one of the best players in football at the moment.

As reported by ​Sport Rush, Blind said, "Sadio Mane is the new Ronaldo in world football. Do you know why Messi voted for Mane? Because great players recognise other great players.”

Lionel Messi himself said that he was ​pretty happy to see Mane end on number four in the Ballon d'Or ranking, revealing that the Argentine maestro also voted for the Liverpool hitman in his top five list.

Blind continued by comparing Mane to Ronaldo as he said, "I don’t compare Mane to Messi. I think Sadio is much more like Cristiano Ronaldo in his very best years. Ronaldo was so physically and mentally strong."

He then stated, "Sadio is like a massive rock of granite and yet so dynamic at the same time – just like Ronaldo was for so many years. It is right that people are finally taking notice of Mane as an incredibly special player.”

Revealing what Mane needs to add to his game, Blind concluded, "Sadio deserves to be recognised alongside the best attacker in the world, Messi. Now Mane must win as many trophies as he can, starting with the Premier League title."