​Manchester City fan who was ​arrested over claims that he performed ​a monkey gesture towards ​Manchester United midfielder Fred has said he's not racist and that he was simply putting his hands in his pants.

The man has been identified as 41-year-old Anthony Burke in an exclusive Daily Mail report.

The Army veteran reportedly took to Facebook last night and stated, "Listen, I'm only racist c*** because I had a screen shot that made me look it. However I ain't racist, watch the match half of it was me with me putting my hands in my pants."

He further added, "He added: "Bullsh** not ar*** I know the true and I've already made appointment to speak to the police which I did so think what you like."

Daily Mail have also been told by his ex-partner that Burke was arrested on Sunday morning. Greater Manchester Police have also confirmed that a man has been in custody but have not disclosed his identity.

The woman, who was identified as Amy from Wythenshawe said, "He is with the police - he has been arrested. He was arrested this morning. He doesn't live with me. It's horrible - I have had death threats and my kids."

Apart from the racist chants and actions, United players were also attacked with objects at the Etihad Stadium and Fred was struck with a lighter.