The world's number one chess player, Magnus Carlsen, has wowed everyone with his incredible chess skills for the last decade, and now he's making waves as he rises to the top of the ​Fantasy Football charts.

The grandmaster is enjoying his best season ever in the FPL, and after the weekend's results, climbed to the sixth position among more than 7 million players worldwide.

Carlsen, who is currently competing at the London Chess Classic at Olympia, puts his fantasy football success down to luck. 

But his FPL team, ​​Kjell Ankedal, has consistently scored high in the overall rankings for the past four years, finishing among the top 3,000 players in the 2017–2018 league.

Chess journalist ​Tarjei Svensen, who has known Carlsen since he was eight and follows all of his games, spoke to ​The Guardian about the secret behind the chess champion's FPL success.

Svensen said, "His ability at fantasy league has been known for a couple of seasons now, but this season has been exceptional and he’s had another good week.

“His rise up the charts is incredible. He had a really good year for a while last season and then he dropped a couple of hundred places at the end of the season, but he was still in the top 1,000.”

Svensen reckons Carlsen excels at FPL because of a phenomenal memory that helps him remember numerous ​Premier League details that are essential to picking a solid FPL team.

“His level of knowledge about English football is amazing, which must help him a lot. It is a similar game, it requires planning and strategy. And he has an incredible memory which helps”, he said.