Pierre Emerick Aubameyang

3 Players Who Needed Restroom Breaks During a Football Match

Sometimes, fans tend to see footballers as more than just mere mortals and, as a result, we often make the mistake of putting them at a pedestal where they truly don’t belong. 

After all, no mortal has the power to deny the call of nature – and that is what differentiates us from the gods. There have been times when nature displayed the helplessness of players on the pitch as here are the three times when a player had to leave between a match to answer the call of nature.

3. Sergio Ramos against Eibar

This happened in March 2018. Real Madrid were playing Eibar in their own backyard at Ipurua. The match was in a delicate situation as the Merengues were being held to 1-1 scoreline with just around 15 minutes to go. 

Suddenly, Sergio Ramos left the pitch and then came back five minutes later. No harm was done, however, as Cristiano Ronaldo scored a few moments after the Blancos captain stepped back on the pitch. 

Speaking at the post-match press conference later, Zidane revealed that “Ramos sh*t himself a bit, so he went to the bathroom for a moment.” 

Not one to mince his words, Zidane.

2. Jamie Vardy against Arsenal

Just a little over a year ago, Arsenal were going through their best form in a long time – a tragic contrast of the situation right now. Arsenal were playing Leicester in October last year and were leading 3-1. 

Jamie Vardy was having an atrocious match as he had failed to register a single shot in the 80 minutes that he was on the pitch. With 10 minutes of playing time to go, Vardy ran off the pitch while the ball was still in play. 

Later, after the match ended, then-manager Claude Puel said, “He was ill he could not come back on the pitch. He seems OK now.”

While Puel wasn’t as explicit as Zidane was, we can make a safe assumption of ‘ill’ meant in this context. 

1. Pierre-Emerick Aubamayeng against Brighton

It is funny how things tend to come to a circle. It was Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang who scored twice in the match where Vardy had to leave and it was the same Gabonese who had to rush out of the pitch against Brighton last night. 

Arsenal were trailing 2-1 with just a few minutes left to play. The Gabon star suddenly rushed out of the pitch and then came back a few minutes later. After the match, Freddie Ljungberg confirmed that the striker had to take a restroom break and defended the player by claiming that “when you need to go, you need to go.”

Indeed, Freddie. Indeed. 

Aubameyang had to leave the pitch abruptly for a restroom break but he is not the only one to have done so as here are 3 players who have done the same in a match...