Wales star Gareth Bale won’t be allowed to play golf during the Euro 2020, according to FA chief executive Jonathan Ford. The Real Madrid superstar’s love for golf is well known and has been the cause of some controversy in the past.

Indeed, former Galacticos star Predrag Mijatovic went as far as claiming that the Welshman prefers playing golf over taking to the football field for ​Real Madrid – something that went on to cause​ a lot of controversy in the later weeks.

Meanwhile, Wales FA chief executive Jonathan Ford has confirmed that they won’t allow their superstar play golf since they don’t want the players to risk their fitness by taking part in another sport.

"Ryan [Giggs, manager] is clear to make sure that while in camp our focus should just be on the football," said Jonathan Ford, Wales' FA Chief Executive, as per ​AS.

"You can’t be in a situation where you have players risking their health and fitness by playing golf. I appreciate some players look at it differently. You can’t train all day so there has to be some entertainment for the guys. But you have to be careful."

Given how much Bale loves golf, it would be interesting to see how he responds to this. We are guessing that he might not be too pleased about this after all.