​After a couple of months of ​intense speculation​Manchester City has finally gone ahead and announced the acquisition of ​Indian Super League club ​Mumbai City FC today.

This announcement came after a landmark day when the Premier League champions' parent company, City Football Group (CFG) revealed a £389million investment from US private equity firm Silver Lake.

Since then, the Indian Super League's official twitter handle put in a teaser of a tweet as below:

The investment received by City will help them broaden their brand and extend their reach to the biggest democracy in the world, India, where football is steadily gaining prowess.

Mumbai City will become the eighth club under the CFG umbrella, with sources indicating more clubs will follow as Manchester City could look towards the likes of Brazil and Mexico in the future.

Speaking about City's approach to such acquisitions, Deloitte's sport business group director Tim Bridge told the ​Daily Mail, "The acquisition of clubs, and that multi-club ownership structure, have become something we've seen an increasing interest in. While there are other examples, the City Football Group has very much led the way in this regard. This news and the external investment could be considered as validation for City's approach."