​One of the greatest legends in ​FC Barcelona's history, midfield maestro ​Xavi Hernandez was something special. 

And now, a scouting report on the midfielder from when he was just 14 gives proof of how highly he was rated by Barcelona coaches.

Xavi enrolled in to the Barcelona academy when he was 11-years-old and stayed at the club for a total of two decades.

He became one of the modern day legends on the game and is an example to young footballers who want to grow at their respective clubs from their academy setups.

As part of Cristian Martin's book '​La Masia: Developing people beyond sport', the aforementioned scouting report on Xavi is published in full as revealed by ​Marca.

Below are the translated details of the categories mentioned in the above report by Barcelona scouts:

Running: He runs on his heels, his movements are slow and he has trouble picking up speed.

Balance: Average

Coordination: Good. His movements are correct, but lack speed.

Flexibility: Average. He needs a lot of work in this regard.

Skill: Good, without it being his forte. He has the resources in his game to take advantage of any situation.

Fitness: Good. He has everything a good midfielder should.

Muscle endurance: Good.

Speed: Average. He has to improve his agility and speed of movement.

Starting Speed: Average

Rapid strength: Average

Control: Excellent. He offsets his lack of speed in movement with exceptional ball control.

Passing: Very good. He should improve with his left foot, but this is his great strength on the pitch.

Crossing: Good. He is almost never forced into this action.

Shooting: Acceptable. He should improve this for when he gets forward in attack, like Guardiola.

Running: Very good. He has a good sense of protecting the ball, he almost never loses it.

Dribbling: Good. Without being his best asset, his technical level is impressive.

Positioning: Excellent. It is undoubtedly his best quality. He is always where he should be and always offers support and an option for teammates.

Aggression: Average. His eminently technical style sometimes makes this aspect difficult to judge.