​Former ​Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher has revealed that Jose Mourinho was concerned about how his time at Old Trafford ended and was privately asking people what went wrong in his job.

Previously sacked by United in December, Mourinho has ​now replaced ​Mauricio Pochettino following his surprise sacking by ​Tottenham Hotspur earlier this week.

Talking solely about Mourinho, the Portuguese coach was left helpless by growing player unrest at the Theatre of Dreams and it eventually turned out to be the reason for his sack. And Fletcher believes Mourinho was worried about how he was perceived at Old Trafford and is keen to not make the same mistakes at Tottenham.

"I think we’ll see a slightly different Jose," Fletcher told BBC Five Live as quoted by ​Metro.

He continued, "I think the Jose that had been affected by Real Madrid and almost resentment of players, different to the Jose of Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan where he was a player’s manager, players were ‘us against the world’, there was a real closeness and things like that, we haven’t seen that for a while."

Revealing that he knows Mourinho asked people in the industry for feedback on his Manchester United stint, Fletcher said, "I know for a fact after he left United he did a little bit of reflecting and asked a few people, ‘tell me the truth, tell me what I was like, give it to me straight’. ‘And that’s, for me, a sign of somebody who realised he’d gone a little bit too far in that way."

He concluded, "I’m sure he had his own frustrations towards Manchester United, just as many as the players and people had with him and the things that went on towards the end. I think you can see it from both point of views. But the fact he was asking people for an honest opinion of what he was like says to me that’s somebody who is reflecting and a little bit of a rest and a little bit of self-reflecting we’ll see a different Jose Mourinho. Whether it’s the Jose Mourinho of old… I don’t expect it to be the Jose we’ve seen in the last couple of years."