​​Premier League great Peter Crouch has revealed what ​Cristiano Ronaldo replied to his then ​Manchester United teammates when they tried to wind him up on comparisons with ​Lionel Messi back then.

Crouch, who played for England between 2005 and 2010, regularly spoke with United players whilst on international duty. As reported by ​Mailwhile speaking at Sportsmail's 'A Pint with Piers' event in London, Crouch revealed what his United friends told him.

Crouch said, "I spoke to some of the United players and said what’s Ronaldo like, and they said they used to wind him up by saying Messi was better than him and he said: 'Yeah, but Messi doesn’t look like this.'"

Also present at the event were Harry Redknapp and Martin Keown and all three of them debated who was better better between Ronaldo or Messi. 

Redknapp said, "I'm Ronaldo over Messi. I love both of them but I’m Ronaldo. There's him, Maradona, Pele, George Best was a genius. When you look at what Ronaldo's done. I’m a big fan of George Best but you look at Ronaldo, he’s done it on the world stage, he’s won everything, he’s just incredible."

Crouch was unsure as he said, "Ronaldo's record is ridiculous. He averages over a goal a game in like 500 games. I played against Ronaldo when he was 18, it was him and Quaresma on either wing when England U21s played Portugal's."

He continued, "We had no idea who either of them were. Our full backs were Paul Knochesky and J Lloyd Samuel. I remember them passing to each other. Quaresma would pass with the outside of the boot and Ronaldo would control it on his back, popping it up and then running at Paul Konchesky."

Surprisingly, Crouch then said as he concluded, "At that time, Quaresma was better than Ronaldo, bizarrely. Messi for me is the most naturally-gifted footballer we’ve ever seen. I think Ronaldo, I admire his determination and mentality and his single-mindedness, but if you’re talking gifted footballers, there is no comparison to Messi."