​There is no doubt that the ​Premier League is the most appealing footballing league in the world, not only in terms of the quality of football, but also in terms of the monetary benefits involved.

In the past years, player wages has been a major topic of discussion more so after ​Manchester United decided to hand Alexis Sanchez an unbelievable weekly salary.

With record broadcast revenues and insane kit deals, coupled with other additional commercial deals, top-flight clubs are richer than ever before.

And it ​Manchester Citywho sit top of the list for the highest average weekly wage to its players, which has been compiled by sp​otrac.com .

The reigning Premier League champions fork out around £115,000 per week on player salaries, with £350,000-a-week for Kevin De Bruyne, £300,000-a-week for Raheem Sterling and £230,000-a-week for Sergio Aguero who are their top earners.

City are closely followed by league leaders ​Liverpool, whose weekly salary is estimated to cost them around £100,000 with Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk their highest earners.

​Chelsea come in third as as they pay on average £95,000 a week, which is £3,000 a week more than fourth placed London rivals Arsenal .

One of the biggest surprises in the list is the position of Manchester United , who despite going on a £148m spending spree in the summer, are down in fifth when it comes to wages. Their average stands at a reported £90,000 per week. ​David de Gea is United's highest earner, having signed a deal worth approximately £375,000-a-week, while Scott McTominay is the lowest earner, on a reported £10,000-a-week.

Here's the full list with their average wages per weel:

20. Sheffield United - £9,000

19. Norwich City - £12,000

18. Aston Villa - £25,000

17. Watford - £30,000

16. Brighton - £30,000

15. Burnley - £35,000

14. Bournemouth - £35,000

13. Wolverhampton Wanderers - £36,673

12. Newcastle - £38,000

11. Southampton - £50,000

10. Leicester City - £50,000

9. Crystal Palace - £55,000

8. West Ham - £65,000

7. Everton - £65,000

6. Tottenham - £72,500

5. Manchester United - £90,000

4. Arsenal - £92,000

3. Chelsea - £95,000

2. Liverpool - £100,000

1. Manchester City - £115,000