Gareth Southgate has admitted that if England doesn’t have a good run at the Euro 2020, he might not continue as manager.

Southgate is extremely happy with his current squad and wants to stay on, but has claimed that he will think about his future if there is the “warmth for him to do so” after Euro 2020 and is already planning for the World Cup in Qatar.

After reaching the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup, he signed a new deal that takes him up to 2022, but there has been speculation that he may be tempted back into club management next summer.

Gareth Southgate

The England manager will be traveling to the Club World Cup in Qatar next month as a part of his long-term planning for the World Cup there in November-December 2022. 

He also plans to keep an eye on four of his players - Trent Alexander-Arnold, Joe Gomez, Jordan Henderson, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - who play for ​Liverpool.

When asked about his plans, he ​said, as per ​The Guardian, “Well, that will depend very much on how we get on next summer. When you have a week like you've had, you sense that people can fall out of love with you and if there isn't a warmth for you to continue, then that can start to affect the team.

"So, I'm realistic about how quickly those tides can turn, but we've always planned short, mid and long-term over the last eight years. I think when I started and we looked at other federations, we were almost embarrassed to go and look at where we should be preparing for.

"And Germany were always there, and they'd already secured the best hotel! So, I think we've had to be a bit bolder and say: 'No, look, it's not a jinx to go and do it'.

"We've got to have belief in what we're doing and execute the right preparation. Without taking any focus off what we're doing next summer, we've got to get the next bit right, otherwise we'll be behind the curve.

"And I think the best organisations get that short, mid and long-term planning right."