Portugal boss Fernando Santos lost his temper at the media after being repeatedly asked about Cristiano Ronaldo in the press conference against of Portugal’s Euro 2020 qualifier against Lithuania.

The ​Juventus star courted controversy when Maurizio Sarri substituted him in the 55th minute in their 1-0 win over Milan. He was visibly upset about being removed from the match and headed straight down the tunnel and reportedly left the stadium even before the match ended.

Santos was being bombarded with similar questions regarding the situation when he finally snapped and had a go at the reporters.

He stated that any other player wouldn’t have been scrutinised as much as Ronaldo has been and assured that the forward is fine and will play the match against Lithuania.

"Everybody wants to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo, everybody wants to give their opinion on Cristiano Ronaldo," he said ahead of the Euro 2020 qualifier against Lithuania, as per AS.

"Because if this thing [the substitution] was with any other player, nobody would be talking about it. We are only talking about this because it's Cristiano Ronaldo.

There are millions of players out there and it seems that this only happens to him and maybe another two or three players. To nobody else. Cristiano is here, he was called up, he's fine, he'll play, I have no doubts about it. So, for me, there's no issue here," he concluded.