​​Real Madrid legend ​Iker Casillas, who has been a goalkeeper in over 1,000 matches of professional football has handed out his exclusive suggestion on how he thinks ​VAR can be improved.

The World Cup winner feels that the team of referees who run the rule over the big decisions should be accompanied by a former professional footballer to provide an expert perspective.

"I propose that for VAR, as well as the official who analyses the images, there is also an ex-footballer," he told his ​Twitter followers"It would be good [for them] to give their opinion on the incidents that take place during a match," he added.

What Casillas has suggested is already an option that other athletes have also proposed, but that has never really been received well by the governing authorities who implemented the concept of VAR in the first place.

Casillas has always voiced his opinion on VAR ever since the controversy of the FIFA World Cup, 2018's final in Russia.

These statements from Casillas have been going on since Argentine match official Nestor Pitana who was in charge of the World Cup final between France and Croatia, got some of his decisions wrong in the game.

Casillas further claimed that Pitana "blew for an inexistent foul on (Antoine) Griezmann" in the move which led to France's opener in the World Cup final.