​A fan on social media website Twitter has created a tweet thread handing out his explanations and justifications on why he thinks that ​FC Barcelona legend ​Lionel Messi is not a complete player.

The Argentinean is widely regarded as the greatest footballer to have set foot on the field, however the below Twitter user does not think so and he goes to larger extents to hand out his justifications.

Here's the 10 point twitter thread that he put out....

As expected, almost half of those analysis are based on his ​games for Argentina. Despite that, one can say that the Twitter user has made quite a bit of research to make his presentations and backed up with statistics, but as it is often said, statistics can be deceiving. 

However, it can be said that it is definitely over the top to say Messi is not one of the most complete players in the history of football.

The opinions made by this Twitter user are definitely controversial and fans on the thread too have come up with interesting replies to counter the analysis, especially this one fan whose replies on the thread were deemed as pin-point counters to what was said by the one who created the thread.

Here are all those replies: