Jose Mourinho seemed to have taken an indirect dig at Pep Guardiola's style of football in his recent interview as he looked to reignite his ​eternal rivalry with the Spaniard.

The Portuguese great has been making news from the moment he was sacked as ​Manchester United's manager last year in December. Since then, he has appeared on multiple football platforms and is now officially working as a pundit in the Premier League as he looks for a new team.

Recently, he sat down with The Coaches Voice, a website devoted to the off-field responsibilities, where he reflected on his periods leading Chelsea and Inter Milan, as well as other issues.

In his interview, Mourinho spoke about his particular vision of football and how success can be achieved and it can be seen that he took a dig at ​Manchester City coach Guardiola.

He started by stating, "Many people believe that the team with more possession is the team that is more dominant. But that depends on the way you look at it."

The former Chelsea coach continued by mentioning that style might be more of a matter of public relations as it looked like he aimed at Guardiola. He said, "A team without the ball can still have control of the game. For some coaches, that style [possession] I think is more a matter of public relations and image."

Mourinho went on to point out the key statistic to judging football matches by concluding, "It is the team that scores the most goals that wins. And that is, for me, the fundamental point of the game."