Croatian footballer Ivan Gazdek was sent off for bizarrely kicking a chicken to death and then moving its body off the pitch.

Chickens had ran on to the pitch during the game between NK Jelengrad & Jasenovac in a semi-professional match on Saturday afternoon.

Video shows that the 23-year-old losing his head and chasing the chickens down before kicking a ginger coloured chicken which immediately gets knocked out.

Here's the video (credits to ​Latest News):

The hens ran on to the pitch while Jelengrad were 2-1 up and the disturbance to the game caused the violent reaction from Gazdek.

After kicking the chicken to death, he is seen picking up the body and trying to throw it off the fence in order to continue the game.

However, he had no idea what was coming. Speaking to local news website 24 Sata, Gazdek revealed that the referee gave him his marching orders and sent him off for 'unsportsmanlike conduct'.

He continued, "Believe me, it was not intentional. The result was far from certain at that moment and I was nervous. Chickens are constantly entering the field, so the game must be stopped. The terrain is full of faeces, these are unhygienic conditions."

He then said in conclusion, "I ran to the chickens a little to chase them away, I swung my foot and killed one by accident, f*** it."

Following the game, Gazdek wrote a note of apology to the chicken's owner and also bought her a new chicken to replace the one he had taken away from her.