Brazil legend Ronaldo has revealed that he looked to buy a club in England in the Championship but was priced out of it and now, he is searching for a side in Portugal as he wants to own another team.

The former Brazil star was among the best strikers in the game back when he was a player. After retiring, however, he opted to stay away from coaching but not from the game as he is already the owner of Real Valladolid and is looking to expand the number of clubs under his possession.

He revealed that he wanted to buy a side in England but it was too expensive for him and is now looking to own a club in Portugal.

"I was looking for a club to buy. I had already looked in England, in the second division. The first one was very expensive, and even the second one was too. I also looked in Portugal, and I am still looking in Portugal,” AS quoted him as saying.

He then recalled how he ended up buying Real Valladolid, revealing that the club was perfect for him.

"One day I was in Russia and I received a call from someone connected to Valladolid. That was what I was looking for: a club with a great history, an hour and forty minutes away from Madrid.”