​​Real Madrid left-back, Marcelo has opened up on the tension in the dressing room prior to the 2017 ​UEFA Champions League final against ​Juventus, with the Brazilian going on to reveal that even a serial winner like Cristiano Ronaldo was "s******g" himself.

Los Blancos were all set to face the Italian giants in the final of club football's premier competition and speaking to the ​Players' Tribune, Marcelo revealed that Ronaldo was the first person to open up on the tension while they were sitting around with their fellow teammates.

The 2017 Final against Juventus, the movie plays: The boys are sitting around the table at the pre-match lunch — me, Casemiro, Danilo and Cristiano. Total silence. Nobody saying anything. Everybody just staring at their food. You can hear people’s stomachs making funny noises, you know? But nobody is saying anything. It’s really tense."

“Finally, Cristiano says, ‘Question, guys’. We say, ‘Yes, brother?’.“Cristiano says, ‘Is it just me who is feeling this pressure in the stomach?’ And everybody replies at the same time, ‘Me too, brother! Me too!’ Nobody wanted to admit it! But if this guy is feeling it, then we’re all O.K. to admit it, you know? Cristiano is ice-cold. A machine. And even he is s****ing himself!

“It broke all the tension. Only he could have done that. We shouted to the waiter, ‘Brother, please bring us some sparkling water! We need some help to get this food down!’ After that, it was all laughter."

Real Madrid not only went on to win the final that season, but the next campaign as well, to become the first team in the modern era to win the Champions League for three consecutive seasons.