Jose Mourinho took a swipe at Jurgen Klopp for criticising ​Manchester United's tactics, claiming the ​Liverpool boss "didn't like what was on the menu" after a 1-1 draw at Old Trafford.

Klopp was found lamenting after the match about United’s defensive tactics and quoted saying “Manchester United only defend”.

Jurgen Klopp,Jonathan Moss

"[Klopp] didn't like the menu - he wanted meat and got fish," Mourinho said on ​Sky Sports.

"They are happy playing against opposition who give chances on the counterattack. Of course, United, with the limitations they have at the moment, played a different profile of game. They tried to stop the transition, played always with three centre-backs in position, always compact. Liverpool didn't like the menu."

"Liverpool missed the quality to play against a low block. I have to admit I'm really happy they didn't win because the other record [Chelsea's nine-match winning streak to start a season in 2005-06] is mine, not theirs. Sometimes they have limitations against teams with the low block. They have fantastic results but sometimes they win just in the limits."

"They can smash opponents who play the way they want to play against. Jurgen, clearly a bit of frustration. Old Trafford is a special place for Liverpool to win but he's never done it."

Despite coming into the game with 17 consecutive ​Premier League wins under their belt and starting the season in flawless fashion, Liverpool struggled to break down the Red Devils compact defence. The visitors needed Adam Lallana to bail them out after Marcus Rashford put the hosts ahead in the first half.